Help us to manage the vastest wetland in Terradets lake.

Terradets micro-reserve is a 21,318-m2 area located in one of the most important wetlands in central Pyrenees. Situated in Terradets lake, it starts next to Terradets Hotel’s car park and spreads on both sides of the green way that heads towards Tremp over 500 metres.

This micro-reserve hosts river forests and reed groves that are home to a wide range of birds. If you follow the path, you can watch woodpeckers hooked to poplars, some nesting boxes aimed at recovering jackdaws (a very rare bird in Tremp basin), as well as other water birds that use this emblematic wetland as a sanctuary.

The creation of this micro-reserve and the actions that will be carried out in the area are aimed at improving the ecological conditions of the site, enhancing its wildlife diversity, and facilitating its observation.

In the practice, the idea is to recover the population of declining species from agricultural environments such as the western jackdaw (Corvus monedula).

The second objective is to protect the habitats of the water birds that use this natural site as a stopover area during their migration routes.

The project also aims to make people –especially Hotel Terradets’s visitors– aware of the ecological value of the water ecosystems and of the interest of their conservation.

During 2022, 10 nesting boxes for jackdaws were installed, as a starting point to try to form a jackdaw colony. This first action at the micro reserve cost €660 and was financed by the Hotel Terradets.


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