As hostellers, it’s our responsibility to preserve the environment, because it’s the most important value that we have. And it is also what are we going to leave to our future generations.

Every year, we improve our facilities, and we make different actions, to improve this way our green contribution to the planet Earth.

Biosphere Sustainable
  • We are Tesla Destination Charging, a charge point for electrical vehicles.
  • Our main heating source is a biomass boiler; chip-fuelled from the sustainable management in catalan forests.
  • Most of our rooms have an intelligent energy saving system, to avoid the unnecessarily waste of energy.
  • Everybody knows that water is a  scarce resource, but it is necessary to remind it. With small gestures, as the change of towels.
  • The full cleaning and restaurant team, uses Ozon for the disinfection of the surfaces and clothes. Avoiding this way the use of chemical products.
  • The reduction, reuse and recycling are the basis of sustainability. This is why we work, everyday the most, on recycling and separating all the waste that we produce.
  • We have our own ecological vegetable garden, where from we enjoy of seasonal products in small quantity. We also have a chicken family, that gives us the best of the eggs.

Hotel Terradets is creating a solid Sustainable Biosphere plan… do you want to know more about it?

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