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It all started in...

The 1940s…

More than 70 years ago, Gabriel Fillat and his wife, Teresa Treveset (La Padrina), started up the hotel that has been passed down now to their grandchildren. It all started with the old inn Casa Gabriel, opened around the turn of the 20th century, it was an inn for travellers, truck drivers and shepherds. Soon the place became known for its hospitality, good food and the landscapes we enjoy to this day. With the arrival of the train in 1949, and given its proximity to the tracks, the building was moved to the other side of the road, to the current location, and came to be known as El Parador del Lago. Later, in the 1950s, it changed names again, to Fonda del Lago.

In the 1960s and 1970s the number of rooms grew and the first facilities were built. The pool, one of the first in the area, was inaugurated during the local festival in 1971 and soon became a meeting point for people from all over the county. Given the increase in guests, the space was expanded and the outdoor pergola made into a restaurant with lake views.

Step by step, and thanks to the improved transport and roads, the number of travellers and guests grew and with the boom of tourism, in 1987 construction began on the Hotel Terradets as we know it today. Six years later, Hostal del Llac was remodelled and the building connecting the two was constructed to make a single venue.

Hotel Terradets evolution since its beginnings

There, in the mountains ...

Getting here

From Barcelona

Take the A-2 from Barcelona towards Lleida. Take exit 504 and continue along the C-53 until you reach Balaguer and then the C-13 to Km. 75

From Lleida

Take the C-12 from Lleida towards Balaguer, continue on until you reach Àger then take the C-13 towards Tremp to Km. 75.

From Girona

Take the C66 from Girona and then get on the AP-7. Then take the C-25 towards Vic, Manresa and Tàrrega. Continue along the C53 until you reach Balaguer and then take the C-13 towards Tremp to Km. 75

From Tarragona

Take the T11 from Tarragona towards Reus and then the C14 towards Tárrega, going through Montblanc. Once you reach Tárrega take the C­53 to Balaguer and then take the C-13 towards Tremp to Km. 75

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Cycling in Terradets

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